About TVG

The Vikings Gazette exists to publish insightful, entertaining coverage of the Minnesota Vikings.

In about a year, TVG has gone from utter obscurity to slightly above utter obscurity. We now get tens of thousands of reads per month. In other words, we’re far from ESPN status, but we’re growing at a pretty good rate. We’re featured on Feedspot‘s list of top-20 Minnesota Vikings sites. Our writing has been discussed & referenced at various spots around the web, such as USA Today‘s Vikings Wire, SB Nation‘s Daily Norseman, and UFFda! SportsVikings Territory and Purple PTSD.

About the Proprietor

I launched this site in July 2020. The goal has always been to offer unique, thoughtful coverage of the Vikings. I’ve been cheering for Minnesota for most of my life, and they’ve broken my heart on several occasions. Someday, folks, someday. Feel free to follow The Vikings Gazette on Twitter and on Facebook.

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About the Contributors

The Maiden of Munchies: She is the mastermind behind our Gameday Goods recipes. She’s also responsible for taking great photos.

Frosty Freya: Frosty Freya is responsible for TVG’s logo and the visual for Notes From The North, our podcast. You can find her on Instagram here.

Funkytown and Danchat: Funkytown, the site owner, and Danchat, the football expert, are two of the leaders over at Purple Pain Forums. They contribute to TVG’s Purple Pain Forums Round Table series, and we’re thankful to have their wisdom. If you’d like to participate in some great Vikings discussions, be sure to hop over to Purple Pain Forums. You can follow Purple Pain Forums and Danchat on Twitter.

Bless The Knees (a.k.a. Justin and Andy): Is the saying “there’s always next year” a part of your everyday vocabulary? Does the phrase “wide left” make you instantly cringe? Do you hate the fact that there are people in the world who unironically wear cheese on their heads? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then we’ve got just the podcast for you! Justin Breske and Andy Erickson are lifetime Vikings fans and longtime mortal enemies who are here to break down and talk about anything and everything Vikings related. Come join us in the great hall and remember: bless the knees and keep them healthy. Be sure to follow Bless The Knees on Twitter. Their podcast can be found here.

Sam: Consumer of NFL football, Maple Leafs fan, graduate student, podcast interlocutor. Be sure to follow him on Twitter.

Cole Smith: Cole is a lifelong Vikings fan who enjoys watching movies when the Vikings aren’t letting him down.

Mimir’s Head: Defender of the downtrodden and moronic, Mimir’s Head is TVG’s resident football expert. He played QB in high school and still believes he can throw a football over them mountains.

TVG is not an official publication of the Minnesota Vikings, the NFL, or NFLPA. All the opinions expressed here are our own.