Alexander Mattison Fantasy Outlook

The outlook for Alexander Mattison in fantasy football remains consistent. As it stands, Mattison is getting consistent, albeit low-end usage in Minnesota’s offense. His ceiling, then, is quite low.

With 424 rushing yards, a 5.7 YPC average, and six touchdowns, Dalvin Cook is rightly receiving the majority of touches in Minnesota’s backfield. The issue, of course, is that Cook hasn’t had a fully healthy season in his NFL career. This is where it gets interesting for fantasy football managers. If Cook goes down for any reason, Alexander Mattison’s fantasy outlook suddenly gets a massive boost.

Mattison, League Winner

We should begin by indicating that we never cheer for an injury, especially when it comes to a star player on our own team. The best case scenario is Cook remaining healthy. That being said, fantasy managers should have the foresight to recognize that running back is a tough position and should thus plan accordingly.

If Cook goes down, Mattison automatically becomes a legit RB1. A bench player could instantly turn into a league winner for many people. If Mattison is available on waivers, you’d be smart to go get him. At worst, he is RB depth, which is never a bad thing. He could also be a valuable bargaining piece with the person who has Cook on their team. If it’s you who has Cook, then go start offering trades to get Mattison on your squad.

At best, Mattison could be a crucial component of winning your league. How much different would your roster look if you instantly got a legit RB1 in the final weeks of the season? Nothing quite like being able to put a RB1 in your flex spot.

If your league is deeper and/or smarter, Mattison is likely already on a roster. Now is the time to make a move for Mattison. The cost to acquire Mattison will skyrocket if something happens to Cook, so fantasy players need to make the move now. Have an extra receiver who just won’t crack your lineup but could be someone else’s flex or WR3? Make the offer. What about a decent backup TE who is stuck behind your legit starter? Make the offer.

This isn’t about being a Vikings fans; on the contrary, this is simply good advice for all fantasy managers.

Fantasy Foresight

In fantasy, as with the rest of life, a little foresight goes a long way. The outlook for Alexander Mattison in fantasy won’t change unless something happens to Cook. If Cook does go down, though, Mattison is now a top option.

At the end of the day, fantasy is all about giving yourself good odds. Matthew Berry always suggests that fantasy is about gathering info and then forming your own opinion. There is a pretty good chance Cook won’t play all sixteen games. If he needs to sit, Mattison is the next man up; in this scenario, Mattison will be able to combine his talent with opportunity.

In our opinion, it’s time to make a move for Mattison.

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