Danchat’s Offseason Plan for Our Vikings

Free agency is going to begin in a few weeks. That simple reality is going to clear up a lot of confusion. At this stage, all we have is educated guesses and speculation. I’ve joined in on the fun by writing about Minnesota’s Three Purple Paths. Personally, I think the Vikings should kick the can down the road as they try to compete in the immediate.

Not all Vikings fans agree, and there is good reason for this disagreement. Danchat from Purple Pain Forums, for instance, offers some great discussion about how and why the Vikings should rebuild. It’s worth the read.

As he explains at the beginning, “The goal will be to move veteran players off the roster and only retain players who will be useful to contend in the future. I’m going to make no attempts to field a competitive roster in 2021.” Danchat thus proposes that Minnesota cut several notable veterans, such as Kyle Rudolph, Shamar Stephen, and Dan Bailey. He also lets several players walk in free agency while also aggressively pursuing trades.

Kirk Cousins doesn’t survive Danchat’s roster purge. Given his goal of really stripping the roster down and building toward the future, trading Cousins for picks and more cap space makes complete sense. Danchat also moves Anthony Barr and Riley Reiff in trades, moves that will be welcomed by some Vikings fans and criticized by others.

Perhaps the most painful part of Danchat’s plan is his Harrison Smith trade. Smith is a Hall of Fame player, one who will surely be remembered as an All-Time Vikings great. Again, moving the veteran safety makes sense within the context of a full-scale rebuild. This one hurts, though. The Smith trade means Danchat is really putting the “pain” in Purple Pain Forums.

On a more positive note, Danchat does bring in some really intriguing talent in free agency. Matt Feiler and Mike Hilton are particularly intriguing (we haven’t considered either in the FA Fits series, but they’re names to remember).

Fans are also going to want to take a look at Danchat’s plan for the draft. Even Rick Spielman would admit that it’s a bold, aggressive strategy. The Vikings come out of the draft with Justin Fields, which requires them moving all the way up pick #4.

Of course, my few words here fail to account for all that Danchat discusses in his full offseason plan over at Purple Pain Forums, so be sure to read the whole thing. It’s a really thoughtful post. Usually, we do a Purple Pain Forums round table on the final Friday of the month, but some busyness ended that possibility this month. Thankfully, Danchat’s post provides some excellent insight that certainly offers Vikings fans plenty to consider. Skol.

Editor’s Note: You can find both Purple Pain Forums and Danchat on Twitter.