Don’t Be Too Discouraged With The Darrisaw Injury News

Multiple Vikings writers have now confirmed the Christian Darrisaw injury news. Our first-round LT will miss the remainder of the offseason. There is some hope, though, that he will be ready for Week 1.

Before the injury, it was mostly positive news for Darrisaw. Minnesota did well to get him where the did – 23rd overall – especially since it allowed them to pickup extra draft capital. Most draft experts ranked him a fair amount higher, so it was a savvy move from Slick Rick.

Previously, Lil’Kub offered praise for Darrisaw: “He’s exceeded expectations because he’s very bright. He puts in the work, he takes the coaching points from Coach Dennison and Rauscher. When he’s been out there, he’s taken it to the field. So, he just has to get more reps, reps are key. He’s missed a few of them, but he’s going to get them back.”

With the injury news, though, Darrisaw will have a tough time being ready to contribute. He may be perfectly healthy by Week 1, but that doesn’t mean he’s ready to start. Young linemen needs reps; this injury will certainly be prohibitive in that regard.

The upside is that at least Minnesota has Rashod Hill, one of the foremost swing tackles in the NFL. True, we probably don’t want Hill to be the starting LT for the duration of the season, but fans should be confident in his ability to hold down that spot for several weeks as Darrisaw gets his feet underneath him.

The hope for Darrisaw is merely that he could be steady – not elite – in his rookie year. If that means letting him sit until Week 4 or 5, then that’s what the Vikings ought to do.