Following Up on The Vikings 2021 Success Article

Last week, I reached out to several Vikings writers & podcasters to find out how they define 2021 success for Minnesota. We got some great insight from several folks who know a lot about our purple friends.

I didn’t add my opinion because I offer it up at TVG on a consistent basis. If you spend any of your time here, then you’ve likely come across one or two of my opinions. Nevertheless, I thought that perhaps it would be best to tack-on this brief piece as a follow up to what we learned last week.

Unlike several Vikings fans, I bring 2021 success down to a simple reality: Super Bowl (shout out to Danchat). For the year to have been successful, we’ll need to have won that elusive Lombardi Trophy. How we get that done is another story.

Several of the answers I received last week focused on the how. The Draft Team‘s Josh Frey emphasized a specific player – Michael Pierce – whereas Dustin Baker discussed the importance of both the offense and defense playing well. I also happen to agree with Ali’s and Cole’s (and pretty much everyone else’s) answer that the offensive line‘s improvement (or lack thereof) will be massively important.

Regardless of how it happens, the important thing is that Minnesota actually wins. I’m a big fan of Zimmer, and I believe that Spielman is a top-notch GM. I’m also more enthusiastic about Captain Kirk than most Vikings fans. That being said, it’ll be completely unsurprising if another rough season means all three are looking work (yes, I get that that means the Vikings would need to carry a massive dead cap hit for Cousins).

This Minnesota Vikings roster has a ton of talent, and I don’t think that’s just my purple goggles that are influencing things. The roster is not without fault, but there’s a lot of talent to work with. There’s simply no reason for them not to be supremely competitive in the NFC.

Shortly after publishing the Vikings 2021 success piece, I received an email from AMarie of the Asked & Answered Podcast (she was a guest on our podcast not long ago!). Here was her reply: “The 2021 Vikings Season Will be a Success if our defense stays healthy and Dalvin Cook touches the ball at least 30 times a game.” It’s not the most exciting answer, but it’s probably pretty accurate. After all, Zim’s whole philosophy is built on a ball-control offense and dominant defense.

Let’s collectively hope that 2021 features a much-improved defense and an offense that can control the game. If successful, then Minnesota will have a shot at that Super Bowl trophy.