Gleaning Firm Info from OTAs is Often a Futile Task

Organized Team Activities have begun, and fans are understandably seeking to glean any purple insight they can get their hands on.

As SI‘s Will Ragatz (one of the best in the business) indicated earlier this week, “Phase three of the offseason got going on Monday with the Vikings kicking off the “OTA” period at TCO Performance Center. This phase will run for the next four weeks, culminating in mandatory minicamp in mid-June.” In other words, we’re at the very beginning of the offseason work. Ragatz goes on to list several key players who are in attendance, which is info he gathered from the official Minnesota Vikings videos about the OTAs. Take a look for yourself:

One of the biggest things we’ll learn once the media has access to practice today is whether Danielle Hunter is out there with his teammates. Zim has consistently said he expects Hunter will be back for the regular season, and I likely speak on behalf of all Vikings fans when I hope our crusty coach is right.

Apart from who shows and who doesn’t, it’s almost impossible to gain much meaningful information from OTAs, a truth that certainly extends to our beloved Vikings. We can see if players are in shape or not, but almost everyone is. We’ll hear reports about how someone is looking really strong or how a receiver’s routes are crisp, and the potential is certainly there that these things can translate to game day. Until it does, though, fans ought to proceed with a certain degree of caution.

Without question, fans ought to tune into the coverage on the OTAs. It provides an intriguing bit of a football at a time when it’s very scarce. I’m merely suggesting that fans proceed with caution; unabated optimism can lead to heartbreak. Use wisdom. Remember that we cheer for the Vikings, which means it isn’t often that we truly get to enjoy lasting football success.

In the meantime, fans ought to have some purple hope, just don’t get carried away with some snappy OTA videos.