Jalyn Holmes at Defensive End

As any number of fans and writers have pointed out, the Minnesota Vikings’ defensive line has undergone tremendous turnover during the offseason, an issue that was made worse my Michael Pierce deciding to opt out. Perhaps the greatest area of concern is at defensive end. No one can question Danielle Hunter’s ability, and Ifeadi Odenigbo is promising. After these two, though, there is very little certainty. It should be unsurprising, then, that the Vikings are trying Jalyn Holmes at defensive end.

Drafted 102nd in the 2018 draft, Holmes has mostly been a non-factor in his career so far. The Vikings tried switching him to DT in the first two season of his career, but that has led to limited success. Holmes played five games in his rookie season and six games in his sophomore year. According to Pro Football Focus, Holmes has been below average.

The Vikings have thus tried Holmes at defensive end with Hunter sidelined with a minor injury. Holmes has always been an intriguing player because of his size and athleticism. He is 6’5, 283. He ran a 4.8 forty and had twenty-five reps on the bench press at the combine.

Andre Patterson — the D-Line Whisperer — has made a career out of turning long, athletic defensive linemen into studs. So far, Holmes hasn’t been able to thrive in the middle of the defensive line. With so little depth, Holmes has an opportunity to move back to his college position. In so doing, both Holmes and the Vikings are hoping that he’ll be able to flourish.

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