Watercooler Talk: Jordan Reed

The office watercooler is the location where sports rumors, theories, and opinions circulate. While there are obvious drawbacks to these conversations, there is also an obvious appeal. People can freely speculate about intriguing possibilities without needing to perform a rigorous analysis or provide an airtight theory.

In our version, we will focus on possibilities that make some sense for the Vikings. The key words are “some sense;” we’ll do our utmost to ensure we avoid completely baseless speculation that is totally implausible.

In our first Watercooler Talk, we’ll briefly focus on Jordan Reed, who is looking for a new team.

The intrigue for Minnesota may rest in Reed’s history with Kirk Cousins. When Cousins was establishing himself as a starter in Washington, Reed was one of his main weapons.

In 2016, Cousins completed 67% of his passes, threw for more than 4900 yards, and had 25 touchdown passes. In that same year, Reed had 66 catches, 686 yards, and 6 touchdowns.

Reed’s numbers from the season before were even more impressive. In 2015, Reed had 87 catches, 952 yards, and 11 touchdowns. Reed, quite evidently, can produce when he is healthy and when Cousins is throwing him the ball.

Furthermore, the Vikings will be using a lot of 12 and 22 personnel, so having multiple talented tight ends is a priority. The management and coaching staff may be interested in adding another tight end heading into training camp.

The issue, of course, is Reed’s durability. While health is a legitimate concern, the Vikings may still be interested at the right price. A contract around the veteran minimum, perhaps with some incentives included, may be a deal that appeals to both sides.