Kirk Cousins is a Shrewd Businessman, Talks Contract and Sponsors

Recently, Captain Kirk joined Mike Florio on Pro Football Talk (side note: I’m a Florio fan, though I’m aware many people aren’t). One of their main talking points rested in Kirk Cousins‘ contract, apparently because of the recent rumors about a trade (of which Florio was a key part) as well as Minnesota’s snug finances.

Throughout this discussion, one thing became glaringly evident that has really been obvious for a little while now: Kirk Cousins is a shrewd businessman. It’s not just the contract, though that is a key part. It’s how he can almost naturally transition into a discussion of Sleep Number beds.

Around four minutes into his interview with PFT, Cousins is asked about how he will specifically address his offseason. He talked about the importance of taking care of his body, and about a minute into his answer he brings up Sleep Number: “I’m here with Sleep Number this week doing media, just wanting to get the word out about the importance of quality sleep and Sleep Number 360 smart bed that I use.” He goes on to connect his sleep number to having a long career like Drew Brees and Tom Brady.

Florio responded with what we were all thinking in that moment: “And you were able to make that very seamless and professional transition to the pitch because you sleep on a Sleep Number bed. See, that’s how it works.” Cousins was smiling ear to ear: “That’s exactly right.”

Kirk even shoehorns another mention of his Sleep Number bed into the interview at around the 9:40 mark as he discusses wanting to play long enough for his sons to remember seeing him on the field.

Of course, I think we were all impressed by his very smooth ad for Best Buy. Kirk invites us all, the consumer, to “go big.” He also praises the crystal-clear quality of the TV. If you drive by your local Best Buy at dawn and see people with tents and Coleman stoves patiently waiting to be let in, you’ll know it’s because the masses have taken Cousins’ sales pitch to heart.

The Kirk Cousins Contract

Advertisements aside, Kirk Cousins did take a few moments to discuss his contract. Cousins mostly hemmed-and-hawed when asked about an extension: “It’s a two-year deal. Those two years begin with 2021. . . . I think it’s more about going out there next season and the year after that and playing at a high enough level that would justify being able to do another deal beyond that. That’s really where my focus is. As I said earlier, would like to be a Viking for the remainder of my career. I’ve got to play well enough to make that happen.”

We’ve spent a decent amount of time discussing Cousins money over here. Our belief is that Spielman should look into a contract to help lessen the financial burden in 2021. If the commercials and business promos are any indication, though, Kirk Cousins will be making the decision that makes the most financial sense for him personally. Hopefully Slick Rick can find a way to marry the team’s financial health with Cousins’ financial health.