Kirk Cousins’ Job Security

For the most part, Vikings fans have been embracing doom and gloom. Frankly, it’s hard to blame them. The opening two weeks of the season have been disastrous for the Vikings, so much so that people are openly questioning Kirk Cousins‘ job security.

Under normal circumstances, it wouldn’t be unusual for NFL fans and writers to speculate about a player’s job security. Nothing is normal about our current world, though. It isn’t just the impact of Covid-19 on the NFL. Perhaps the biggest factor is that the Vikings signed Cousins to a big-time extension in the offseason. He is under contract for two more years after this season.

Even still, Mike Florio began the day by wondering aloud if Cousins will be cut or traded. Florio concludes that the financial details of his contract make a cut unlikely: “to avoid owing Cousins $35 million in 2022, the Vikings will have to unload Cousins before the middle of March 2021. They’d still owe him $21 million for 2021, a year in which the cap may be as low as $175 million. They also would have paid him $61 million for one season under his new deal.”

Florio’s point makes sense. Nevertheless, it’s important to keep in mind that the Wilfs aren’t shy about spending money to see results on the field. Their decision to lock-in the Vikings’ Leadership Trinity during the offseason suggested they were gearing up for a three-year window. If the Vikings continue their disastrous play, the Wilfs may reconsider their plan.

To be clear, the likeliest scenario is that the Vikings put forth somewhat competent play for the remainder of the season. In so doing, the Leadership Trinity will likely save their jobs. Kirk Cousins’ job security will only be in question if their disastrous efforts continue.

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