Mick’s Picks: NFL Playoffs, Round 2 (The Revenge of the Beagle)

Last week’s predictions didn’t go as Mickey hoped. He finished an uninspiring 1-5. Concerned readers should know that he remains a good boy, and that his confidence isn’t shaken. Once again, Mickey has run the gauntlet, and he has done so with aplomb.

Meanwhile, Mimir put forth a respectable, yet unspectacular 3-3 record. He looks to get back into contention for the #1 spot with a solid group of picks this week. Norman led the bunch, finishing with a 5-1 record.

Game #1: Rams at Packers

Norman: Rams. The Rams have a solution for what Green Bay wants to do. They can pressure Aaron Rodgers; Jalen Ramsey is going to give Davante Adams all he can handle. On the other side, I’m not sure if the Packers will be able to slow LA’s run game.

Mimir: Packers. This Packers team is grooving and the Rams offense is a bit of a mess. Rodgers is en route to his 3rd MVP and despite the win last week, Goff – even when healthy – isn’t in the same league as Rodgers. And he’s far from healthy.

Mickey: Packers. For the first time in my time with Mickey, I’ve contemplated whether he is actually a good boy.

Ravens at Bills

Norman: Bills. I’m a believer (at least for this season). Josh Allen is going to have a big game.

Mimir: Ravens. Lamar is back to being himself. This offense is averaging 300(!!!) yards of rushing in their last 3 games. Allen and the Bills have made huge strides this year, but I think the Ravens wear them down.

Mickey: Bills.

Browns at Chiefs

Norman: Chiefs. Don’t overthink this thing. Expect the Browns to hang around for a quarter or two before Andy Reid and Patrick Mahomes flex their muscles.

Mimir: Chiefs. Huge win last week over the Steelers for the Browns, but the Chiefs are a different beast entirely. I think the Browns coaching staff and personnel have them headed in the right direction, but this is still Mahomes’s league.

Mickey: Chiefs.

Bucs at Saints

Norman: Bucs. I believe in you, Tom Brady. I don’t believe in you, Drew Brees.

Mimir: Bucs. This may be Brees’s last ride, and they should be at full strength on offense, but betting against Tom Brady in the postseason is almost always a bad move (as I learned last week). Neither team winning this game would surprise me, but my money’s on Tompa Bay coming out on top.

Mickey: Saints.

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