Mick’s Picks: NFL Playoffs, Round 4 (The Last Beagle)

It’s Super Bowl weekend. Minnesota Vikings fans may have some mixed emotions. On the one hand, it’s the biggest game of the year, one that puts Patrick Mahomes (the greatest player on the planet) against Tom Brady (the greatest to ever play). The NFL is surely thrilled with this matchup. On the other hand, it is yet another year that we aren’t playing for a Lombardi Trophy.

To brighten your spirits, we here at TVG have put together a final Mick’s Picks. My 14-year-old beagle has fought valiantly, and no one can dispute the fact that he is among the goodest of boys. If there was a Hall of Fame for good boys, Mickey would be a first-ballot dog. With that being said, Mickey’s chance of winning our prediction series is no longer. Mickey has a 6-8 score, eliminating him from contention.

Meanwhile, Mimir has put together a respectable 8-6 score (keep in mind the AFC and NFC Championship games were each worth double). I have a 12-2 record. In other words, Mimir needs to pull-off a Hail Mary; I’ve been told by insider sources that he has been searching high and low, far and wide for the perfect comeback play. It involves bumping the Super Bowl up to five points. After all, it is the Super Bowl, so it should have a super impact. Whoever gets this game correct gets five points added to the W column.

Super Bowl Predictions

Norm: Kansas City Chiefs. Under normal circumstances, it’s bad to pick against TB12. This is one of the rare scenarios where it will actually be smart. Ask yourself: if Brady throws three second-half interceptions against the Chiefs, what will happen? Another question to consider: is Andy Reid going to undermine his best player on a potentially game-winning fourth-and-goal play? I’m thinking the Chiefs win this one (though I am nervous about their beleaguered OL getting destroyed by TB’s front four). Chiefs 34 – Bucs 26.

Mimir: Tampa Bay Buccaneers. I think this Chiefs team is the better team, but I think the shuffling/injuries on the offensive line will let Jason Pierre-Paul, Ndamukong Suh, and Vita Vea make life tough for the Chiefs. Plus, I’ve learned my lesson about picking against Tom Brady in the playoffs. Let’s make Tompa Bay official.

Mickey: Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Apparently, the old guys gotta stick together. Mickey went with Brady. I did my best to get a score prediction out of him, but he wasn’t talking.


Don’t let the negative Vikings fans get you down. Someday, it’ll be the Vikings who win the whole thing, and Kirk Cousins might even get drunk at the celebration parade. Enjoy the big game.

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