Mick’s Picks: NFL Playoffs, Round 1

Admittedly, this post is going up a little late, so all of us here at TVG send along our apologies. That being said, we offer this series as our official picks for the playoffs. There are three participants: myself, Mimir’s Head, and my fourteen-year-old beagle, Mickey. Now, at this point you might be asking youself: how does an old beagle choose winners and losers in a football game? Answer: he runs the gauntlet.

There are six games, so Mickey had his choice of six game cards. We placed kibble on each the home and away cards, separating them by about a foot or two. The card he goes to first is his pick. With that said, here are our picks.

Game #1: Colts at Bills

Norm: Bills

Mimir: Bills

Mick: Colts

Game #2: Rams at Seahawks

Norm: Rams. I think Aaron Donald is going to ruin Seattle’s day.

Mimir: Seahawks

Mick: Seahawks

Game #3: Bucs at WFT

Norm: Bucs

Mimir: WFT. The front 4 for WFT could just absolutely ruin Brady’s day.

Mick: WFT

Game #4: Ravens at Titans

Norm: Titans. Derrick Henry, it turns out, is pretty good.

Mimir: Ravens

Mick: Titans

Game #5: Bears at Saints

Norm: Saints.

Mimir: Saints.

Mick: Saints

Game #6: Browns at Steelers

Norm: Browns. I’m pulling for Stefanski, even if he can’t coach the game.

Mimir: Steelers. Cleveland barely won last week against the Steelers second team and haven’t been able to practice since.

Mick: Steelers

Have a dog or four-legged friend who is a big Vikings fan? Send us a photo (preferably in something Vikings-related). If you’re feeling adventurous, fill-out the player profile questions that are on the previous posts. Our email: thevikingsgazette@vikingsgazette.com.

Be sure to check out The Moron’s Guide to Football. Mimir’s Head is going to be breaking down the game to make it more accessible to fans. In the first article, MH is covering personnel packages. The first one goes up tonight.

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10 days ago

Very excited for my first mention on TVG to be Mickey absolutely kicking my butt on playoff picks!

In my defense though, he’s a mighty smart pup.

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