Minnesota Now Has Nearly $14 Million in Cap Space

Due to some salary cap shenanigans, Minnesota now has nearly $14 million in cap space. It’s a sizeable number for this stage of the offseason.

As we previously explained, the Kyle Rudolph June-1 designation frees up this newfound wealth. The focus now shifts to how they’ll use this money. I’m pulling for some key extensions, but different people have different opinions.

OTC‘s Jason Fitzgerald recently wrote about how Minnesota will divvy up their cap space: “In one of the least publicized moves of the offseason, the Vikings used the June 1 on tight end Kyle Rudolph back in March. In all the years of tracking contracts on OTC no June 1 release has gotten me more emails and tweets than this one with everyone wanting to know why Rudolph is still listed on the Vikings. That should stop now that he will see his cap number drop from $9.3875 million to $1.45 million. This added cap room should give the Vikings more than enough breathing room they need for the season as they already had around $6.5 million in space with their first round pick under contract. Could they use the added room to try to move someone this year?  I guess it is possible but I would expect them to just carry it over to 2022. Rudolph will count for $2.9 million in 2022.”

Fitzgerald knows far more about NFL finances than I do, so readers should lean toward OTC‘s fearless leader. Unused cap space in 2021 gets tacked onto the 2022 cap. It’s a sensible enough guess, one that makes financial sense. That being said, I think he is overlooking some critical factors.

Minnesota’s leadership believes they’re right in the middle of their championship window. Many will disagree with this assessment, but there’s really no debating that they believe their team can compete for a Super Bowl. We also need to remember that both Zim and Spielman are likely on the hot seat.

With those factors in mind, my expectation is that Minnesota will soon leverage their ample cap space into an impact player or two. Hop over to PFF and take a look at their best remaining FAs. There’s actually quite a few notable vets. My guess is some help in the secondary and along the defensive line.