The Vikings Should Consider Adding Tyrod Taylor

Recently, Purple PTSD & Vikings Territory writer Josh Frey wrote an article about Minnesota making a move for Gardner Minshew. Judging from some of the comments, fans are somewhat divided about that idea. Personally, I love the possibility of improving at backup QB. Kirk Cousins doesn’t get nearly enough credit for his toughness; the guy never gets hurt. Even still, Minnesota is one bad break (no pun intended) at QB away from being in a real tough spot at the game’s most important position. For this reason, the Minnesota Vikings should not only consider trading for a top-notch backup QB like Minshew, but also a Tyrod Taylor signing.

The Minnesota Vikings, Tyrod Taylor, and a Top-Notch Backup QB

Tyrod Taylor is probably a below-average starting NFL QB. In Minnesota, that wouldn’t really be a problem. For better or worse, Minnesota has a starter at QB, and that guy is the one who says “frick” a lot and stars in weird TV commercials.

This past season, Minnesota’s beleaguered and weary fan base witnessed how ugly it can get when players are forced into roles they aren’t really built for. We were about one more injury away from seeing if Zygi Wilf could play cover-2 corner. The key, then, is ensuring one’s team is putting players in a position to succeed. The Vikings could put Taylor in a position to succeed because he will be the clear-cut backup.

What does a team need out of its backup QB? Well, the first thing you’re looking for are some good intangibles. If he works hard, is intelligent, and professional, there’s a good chance it will work. The backup QB is going to be one of the main people who helps the starter on game day. That role necessitates having a brain in one’s head. When you watch football on Sunday, you’ll see the backup – tablet in hand – sitting beside the starter on the bench. The backup is trying to give the starter some insight into what the defense is doing.

Taylor doesn’t raise any concerns here. The overall impression one gets from Taylor is that he is a competitive, intelligent individual with good leadership abilities. He is capable of winning in the NFL, and he has starter experience. I shouldn’t have to remind Vikings fans about how important that is. 2017 ended in disappointing fashion, but we don’t have that magical run unless Case Keenum is such an amazing backup QB.

The Dollars and Cents

PFF recently suggested that a deal for Taylor’s services would cost $5 million per season on a two-year deal. At this stage, that’s a tricky deal for the Vikings to afford, even if they make some room with cuts and extensions. It’s worth keeping in mind, though, that PFF is merely offering an educated guess. Last season, Jameis Winston signed for a little over $1 million, so it’s not unheard of to get a relatively accomplished backup QB for cheap.

Sean Mannion made less than a million this past season, but he has shown no signs that he would be capable of leading a Keenum-esque playoff run if needed. The Vikings would be wise to add someone who has this ability; a little foresight goes a long way, folks. Indeed, the Minnesota Vikings would be wise to add a legit option at backup QB. Minshew or Taylor would both be excellent options.