Taking Stock of our Five Predictions for The Minnesota Vikings’ Draft

If predicting the Minnesota Vikings draft was akin to batting in the MLB, then I did quite well. If we use other measures, I may not have done very well. Some might be inclined to say that my draft predictions article aged like milk, but allow me to explain myself.

Let’s begin with the successes. I indicated that Minnesota would go OL in the opening round and that they’d find their backup QB in the draft. Christian Darrisaw ended up being chosen 23rd – great pick – and Kellen Mond was chosen by our friends in purple to be Kirk Cousins‘ backup. My rationale for these picks basically rested in how the team treated free agency. They did next to nothing to address these two positions in March, so it seemed like the best choice was to bring in some talent in April.

My other three predictions didn’t go as well. I indicated that Minnesota would snag a second-round pick, that they’d choose two linebackers, and that they’d pick a kicker. All three ended up being wrong.

In fairness, Spielman openly flirted with the rest of the NFL about moving into the second round. The desire was there. Alas, the price was too high. After getting Darrisaw at 23, Spielman’s next pick was 66th overall, two spots from the second round.

Linebacker was clearly a priority for the Vikings since they chose Chazz Surratt with their second third-round pick. Anthony Barr is unlikely to return beyond this season, so the team will need to reload at linebacker. My error here rested in underestimating the players currently available to Zimmer. Troy Dye, Cameron Smith, and Nick Vigil will offer the depth that I believed Minnesota would try to find in the draft.

Finally, the Minnesota Vikings didn’t spend a draft pick on a kicker. I think this is a good thing; spending draft capital of specialists really hasn’t worked out well for us recently. That said, they did sign one of the highest-rated kickers as an UDFA, so there was clearly some desire to bring in young talent. Don’t be surprised if Riley Patterson is the Day 1 kicker in Minnesota. If you don’t have high blood pressure now, you likely will pretty early on in September; our special teams usually end up being pretty stressful.

So there it is, folks. I’m batting .400 in my Minnesota Vikings draft predictions. Depending on your perspective, that’s either pretty good or pretty bad.