It’s Official: Minnesota Vikings Hire Klint Kubiak

We all knew it was coming. The Minnesota Vikings have officially decided to hire Klint Kubiak. Tom Pelissero was the first to break the news.

Many fans won’t like this move because it appears as though Mike Zimmer is merely promoting his friend’s son. Those concerns make sense, and only time will tell if hiring Lil’Kub was actually a good decision.

One thing working in his favor is his relationship with Kirk Cousins. He has helped Cousins elevate into arguably his best self. Cousins took some noticeable steps forward this past season, mostly in terms of his pocket presence and ability to extend plays.

Lil’Kub’s task involves helping to raise Minnesota’s offense from good to really good. Indeed, it isn’t enough to just maintain continuity. The Vikings need their offense to be its strength next season. The two most important people – Lil’Kub and Cousins – need to make this happen.

One area of intrigue rests in whether Lil’Kub will make any adjustments to the staff. It’s unlikely, but fans should keep an eye on the news in the next couple days.

Otherwise, fans should at least feel some satisfaction in knowing that the Minnesota Vikings have at least announced their plan to hire Klint Kubiak. It was always the likeliest outcome. Now, the Vikings turn their attention to snagging that elusive Lombardi Trophy.