Minnesota Vikings News Roundup: Salary Cap Hope

Another week, another Minnesota Vikings news roundup. Even in the slowest time of the year, the news can still be meaningful. This week’s news roundup thus focuses on the salary cap and then Kirk Cousins‘ relationship with Klint Kubiak, Minnesota’s new OC. We finish off with a TVG recap and a nod to some of our Purple Partners.

A New Salary Cap Floor

We all know that things are a little snug when it comes to purple money. Our Vikings don’t have an abundance of cash right now, but they did get some good news this week.

The new salary cap floor for 2021 is $180 million. Previously, the floor was set at $175 million. As ESPN explains, “[t]he league told teams in a memo Thursday morning that $180 million is not the final 2021 cap figure, just an adjustment of the cap “floor” established last summer in negotiations between the NFL and the NFLPA.” In other words, the overall budget could be higher, but we now know for sure that it can’t go lower than $180 million.

For Minnesota, every little bit helps (it feels weird referring to $5 million as a little bit, but this is the NFL). The extra wiggle room could be the difference between keeping or cutting an impact veteran, signing or overlooking a free agent contributor. Let’s hope Rick Spielman and his team make the most of it.

Kirk Cousins and Lil’Kub

One of the main things fans should watch for with Lil’Kub is how he is able to work with Kirk Cousins. Cousins showed really good progress in the final 2/3 of the season, and the hope is that he will continue to progress. It’s tough that he will once again need to have a new OC working with him, but perhaps Lil’Kub – his QB coach from these past two seasons – will be the perfect fit.

Recently, Cousins talked with Paul Allen about his relationship with Lil’Kub: “He has a great football mind. He’s very capable and that’s the first thing. He can do it. I’m excited about the way we’ve worked together so much the last couple years.” Cousins goes on to explain the importance of a QB coach: “What a fan may not realize is how little you’re actually speaking with and meeting with the offensive coordinator on a daily basis. He’s so focused on the game plan and a bigger picture that he’s not in the quarterbacks meeting all that much.”

Let’s hope that the transition is a seamless one as Lil’Kub still finds a way to elevate the offense even further. Cousins certainly seems to have confidence in him: “He was the one leading our meetings, so to now have that person as the coordinator, there’s going to be a comfort level and communication going back two years that I’d like to think will really help us.”

TVG and Our Purple Partners

This week, Steven and Cole offered TVG’s readers some great insight. Steven’s article considers the recent history of drafting interior linemen, both on defense and offense. The overall goal was to determine which option provides the best return in the first round. Cole continued with his draft pick grades, focusing on Ezra Cleveland. Fans should mostly be encouraged. Otherwise, there was some talk of trade targets, whether we should consider Garrett Bradbury a draft bust, and even another Gunpoint Hypothetical.

Our Purple Partners continue to do great work. VT’s Josh Frey took some time to make the case for Tyler Conklin as a breakout candidate for next season. Nick from the Skol Network considered the potential fit between the Vikings and all-time great pass rusher Von Miller.

Also, Weekly Spiral, who was gracious enough to come onto TVG’s podcast not long ago, provided a really insightful video breaking down Cousins’ game. Be sure to check it out.


Thanks for stopping by for this week’s Minnesota Vikings news roundup, valued reader. We at TVG hope you have a wonderful weekend, and that you’re all staying safe. Skol.