Minnesota Vikings News Roundup: Some Overlooked Components of The Schedule

This week’s Minnesota Vikings news cycle has focused primarily on the schedule unveiling, and for good reason. We now have an idea of how the season may progress. To start things off, we’re going to discuss a few overlooked components of the schedule. From there, we’re going to head into Minnesota’s rookie mini-camp before finishing things off with the usual breakdown of TVG content and the broader Vikings chatter.

The Minnesota Vikings Schedule

Last year, we began 1-5, a hole that ended up being too deep to climb out of. This season, we face a similar setup insofar as we’ve got six games before the bye. It’s crucial for us to head into the bye at 4-2 or better. The Bengals, Lions, and Panthers games are all ones we ought to win. The Cards, Seahawks, and Browns will all be a challenge. Let’s beat the teams we should beat and snag at least one game against the trio of strong teams.

From there, Minnesota is going to have their purple hands full. In fact, I think that four of the five most difficult games are going to come after the bye. We start off in Week 8 against Dallas before moving on to Baltimore in Week 9. Let’s also remember that our four final games consist of the Bears, Packers, Rams, and then the Bears again. Those four games will likely end up being deeply important for making the playoffs.

I’ve recently suggested that I’m not quite ready to pronounce Captain Kirk cured of his Prime Time Woes. Well, he’ll have the chance to firmly put that narrative to death toward the end of the season. From Week 14 onward, Minnesota has three prime time games. They’ve got TNF in Week 14, MNF in Week 15, and SNF in Week 17. Those games, in order, are against the Steelers, at the Bears, and at the Packers. The schedule makers have made things difficult for our Minnesota Vikings, but this difficulty presents us with a great opportunity.

Indeed, it’s time for Kirk Cousins to finally step up. If he does, then perhaps even his own teammates will stop making comments about his abilities.

Rookie Mini-Camp

Rookie mini-camp is officially underway. The early word is that the young guys are impressed with Minnesota’s facilities (who wouldn’t be?). More than thirty players are there putting in work, a number that includes our eleven draft picks.

Kellen Mond spoke to the media after the first practice: “I’m just really trying to focus and learn a whole new offense. It’s definitely different when you’re meeting with coaches and you can easily go through your progressions, but to be able to go out onto the field and be able to tie [together] your feet and body mechanics and language, it’s definitely different. That’s something I continue to focus on as I get back onto the field.”

Christian Darrisaw spoke about building a relationship with Wyatt Davis: “Now finally being here, our rooms are right next to each other in the hotel, so we kind of can hang out and just help each other with anything we need in the playbook, as far as me being a tackle and him being a guard – we work together on the different calls and everything.” I, along with every other Vikings fan, hopes that Darrisaw and Davis end up being a formidable duo for years to come.

As of right now, the Vikings have signed 5 of their 11 draft picks. They’ll still have a lot of money to work with even after signing these players. In other words, keep an eye on Slick Rick; the dude is going to make a move at some point.

TVG and Broader Vikings Chatter

This week’s TVG content focused on a variety of different things. Of course, we had some focus on the schedule, offering a few thoughts on the most difficult games and then Minnesota’s Week 1 opponent. We discussed the Justin Jefferson comments on Captain Kirk and then the news of Mike Hughes being traded. Cole stopped by again to write about Minnesota’s interest in edge rusher Ryan Kerrigan. There was even some talk of what’s going to happen at kicker for our friends in purple, which is dangerous territory for the Vikings. The mere mention of field goals can send many Vikings fans into a tailspin.

The internet continued its offering of abundant Vikings content. Over at The Draft Team, Josh Frey has offered us a full breakdown of the NFC North’s draft. I’ve suggested that the division as a whole did well, except for the Packers. Head over to TDT to see their more knowledgeable breakdown of the Vikings, Lions, Bears, and Packers. Otherwise, fans may be interested in checking out The Vikings Report with Drew and Ted (and Toonces, I hasten to add). Their YouTube channel is still quite new, but they’ve already built up a big following.


As is the custom in this part of the internet, I’d like to end things off with a sincere thanks to you for reading. It means a lot to me! I’m not looking for a Kodak moment or anything, I’m merely looking to convey how thankful I am that folks choose to spend some of their limited time on my digital ink. With that being said, I hope you’re all staying safe, and that this brief few words about the Minnesota Vikings schedule and rookie mini-camp helped to improve your Saturday.