Minnesota Vikings News Roundup: The Roster Shuffle Begins

We’re basically in the calm before the storm, and this week’s Minnesota Vikings News Roundup begins with a brief look at the roster shuffle. Kyle Rudolph, as we expected, was cut this week. That’s not the only significant news, though. Let’s take a look at where things stand with the roster and then consider Rick Spielman’s mid-week interview. We’ll end with a nod to some TVG content and the work from our Purple Partners.

The Roster Shuffle

Rudolph was cut this week. It’s unfortunate news, but it’s probably best for both sides. Rudolph has the chance to go somewhere that wants him and will feature him more prominently in the offense. I’m thinking it’ll be Cleveland or New England, but time will tell.

Otherwise, the big news is that the Vikings brought back Stephen Weatherly. Coming back to play for a coach and with teammates who he loves was an important factor: “I really didn’t know how important it was to have that bond with your D-line coach and just guys you play next to. I kind of took that for granted. To be back in Minnesota it means a lot, with (Andre Patterson) especially.”

Zimmer spoke candidly about the need to address the pass rush during the offseason. Signing Weatherley is one step in the right direction. By no means does he completely solve the issues at DE, but he will be a solid rotational player. He is super intelligent and has great length. Expect him to be a key depth player, one who helps us win on Sunday.

Spielman’s Cousins Commitment

Kirk Cousins isn’t going anywhere. That’s long been evident, but the offseason rumors swirled nonetheless. A few days ago, Spielman firmly squashed any lingering doubt: “I know there’s a lot of rumors floating around out there, but Kirk Cousins is our quarterback. We felt that he played very well, probably the best he’s ever played down that stretch last year and the way he played.” Spielman went on to suggest that he is “[e]xcited for him and what he’s going to bring to our team next year.”

Look, Cousins isn’t the perfect quarterback. We also acknowledge that he is well-compensated (which does create some issues). Even still, Cousins isn’t the problem in Minnesota. True, he falls short of Patrick Mahomes, Tom Brady, and other similarly legendary quarterbacks. He is a rock-solid QB, though, one who consistently plays at a near top-10 level. He isn’t going anywhere, and the Vikings may even try to extend him.

TVG and Purple Partners

This week at TVG featured some great stuff. Cole finished up his draft review; as per usual, Cole offers a balanced, insightful article. Mrs. TVG offered us with another great recipe: chicken cacciatore. We also considered the ramifications of the Rudolph cut, Minnesota mock drafts, and Spielman’s plan for free agency (it’s almost here!).

The Purple Partners continue to put out good content. The Brawl Network offered some reflections on Rudolph’s time as a Viking. Vikings Territory‘s Joe Johnson discusses what we learned about Danielle Hunter after the Spielman press conference. There was even some discussion of what we can learn from Hunter’s tweet tendencies over at Purple PTSD.


Thanks for swinging by for this Minnesota Vikings News Roundup, valued reader. It means a lot to us that you choose to spend a few moments reading our content. Let’s collectively hope that our Vikings navigate this next portion of the offseason with aplomb. It’s safe to say that next weekend’s news roundup is going to be jam-packed. Skol.