Minnesota Vikings News Roundup: The Skill Positions Get Their Rankings

It’s not quite as magical as an angel getting its wings, but the NFL’s skill position players get their PFF rankings. Some people really enjoy rankings, others inevitably find issues with the methodology. Regardless, these lists can provide some good content fodder during the offseason. We thus start things off this week with a turn to PFF‘s skill position rankings for our Minnesota Vikings and the rest of the NFL. From there, we turn our attention to the rookie signings for our Vikings before concluding with the usual focus on TVG and broader purple chatter.

Minnesota Vikings Rankings

The biggest issue in these lists is their QB article. Does Captain Kirk sometimes leaving us scratching our collective purple head? Without question. Does he often lack that elusive it-factor? Definitely. Is he actually the NFL’s 14th-best QB? By no means.

Take a look at the list. Is Dak Prescott really better? What about Baker Mayfield or Derek Carr? These three are fine QBs, but there is a pretty solid case to be made that Cousins is currently better than all three. As PFF notes, Minnesota’s offensive line “ranked 29th in combined pass-blocking grade in 2020.” Even still, Cousins finished as the 11th-best QB in their rankings; he finished 6th in 2019. Let’s keep in mind that his opening six games, collectively, were awful. The final stretch, on the other hand, was really good. He is a borderline top-10 QB.

Their WR rankings rightly put Jefferson and Thielen in the top-10. Where fans may be a little surprised rests in the fact that Thielen is actually higher on the list. It’s the right decision, though. Thielen has done it for several years; Jefferson has only done it for one. Let the kid show he has what it takes to put forth a second elite season before anointing him as Minnesota’s WR1.

The running back and tight end rankings also seem pretty fair to our Minnesota Vikings. Is Irv Smith Jr. really the 26th most talented TE in the NFL? Far from it. That said, he needs to show the league what he is capable of. Let’s hope Lil’Kub finds a way to feature him more prominently in the offense. At running back, Dalvin Cook is second only to Derrick Henry. The only thing holding Cook back is his health, or lack thereof. If he can stay healthy, he’ll likely be atop the list by the end of the season.

The Rookies Start Signing

Rick Spielman doesn’t seem to get a lot of rest.

The latest news suggests that Minnesota has signed seven of their eleven draft picks. Christian Darrisaw is among this group, meaning third rounders Kellen Mond and Wyatt Davis are the most prominent names currently unsigned. Their deals will be done soon enough.

Over the Cap, God bless them, is already showing the rookie deals in their chart covering Minnesota’s finances. We still have just under $7 million in cap space, and we’re going to more than double that number once the Kyle Rudolph June 1 cut happens. In other words, the rookies aren’t the only deals we should keep an eye on.

TVG and Broader Purple Chatter

Lots of good stuff on TVG this week (if I could be so bold). We noted the Breeland visit while making our case for why it’d be a good add. We reposted our article on some great football reading, discussed Zim’s self-proclaimed “major emphasis” on special teams, offered a list of Vikings veterans on the roster bubble, and even discussed Dan Campbell’s weird plan to motivate his Knee Biters. Podcast fans may even be interested in our latest episode of Notes from the North.

The internet continues to churn out Vikings content. Vikings Territory has an article about how Harrison Smith is still underrated. Purple PTSD responded to PFF‘s regrading of the 2020 draft. I recently started listening to some Purple FTW content, and Drew & Ted (and Toonces!) continue to build momentum over on YouTube.


We hope you enjoyed this one, valued reader, and we also hope you’re having a great week. We always really appreciate you stopping by for our weekly news roundup, and for every other click you give us.

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