Some Key Takeaways from Rick Spielman’s Press Conference

Minnesota Vikings GM Rick Spielman has a lot of work to do. Unfortunately, he’s going to need to get the Vikings back into contention without one of his main colleagues, George Paton. The majority of the press conference focused on Paton.

Spielman suggested that he and Paton have a “unique synergy.” Quite evidently, he values their relationship, both in a personal and professional capacity. Paton’s ability to evaluate talent largely stems from his tireless work ethic. Spielman explained that no one looked at more film than Paton.

An important takeaway is that Spielman seems unconcerned about losing more people from the front office. He suggested that there are rules in place to ensure Paton doesn’t plunder Minnesota’s leadership. He was also quick to add that Paton is a man of integrity, again suggesting that Spielman feels confident he’ll be able to retain some of his key colleagues.

Spielman specifically mentioned Jamaal Stephenson and Rob Brzezinski as two people who will be staying in Minnesota. Fans should be thrilled. Stephenson does a really nice job leading the scouting and Brzezinski is a salary cap wizard. Losing either would be a big issue.

At one point, he was asked about his brother getting hired by the Detroit Lions. He is obviously proud of his brother, but Spielman was clear that he hopes Chris doesn’t have too much success.

At the end of the press conference, Spielman was asked about the performance of the defense. Before the question was even finished, though, he started shaking his head. He politely interrupted and simply explained that the overall season evaluation hasn’t begun yet, and that he’ll speak to personnel and performance concerns in a couple weeks.

The Minnesota Vikings certainly need to address the issues on their roster, so the hope is that Rick Spielman & Friends can get us on the right track soon.