Tuesday Reflections: Minnesota Vikings Trade Candidates

At 1-5, the Vikings need a lot of work. For this reason, we are offering our top-5 (in honor of their fives losses) Minnesota Vikings trade candidates. After the trade discussion, we’ll get into a couple more points to finish off our usual three Tuesday Reflections.

Minnesota Vikings Trade Candidates

We’ve relied on Over the Cap’s very useful Vikings page since it offers a full roster list and salary breakdown. With that said, here are our top-5 trade candidates:

Let us explain.

Odenigbo has played well and is making less than a million. Teams are always looking for pass rush depth, and most NFL teams can afford him. Rick Spielman should get a sense of Odenigbo’s expected price for an extension; if it costs too much, then it may be wise to trade him.

Reiff, Harris, and Rudolph are all productive vets who could help a team compete in 2020. Rudolph seems to be a particularly bad fit given how little he is used in the passing game. Finally, Hill is an upside tackle with a modest contract. Just as teams are always looking to add pass rushers, so too are they looking to add players who can slow the pass rush.

The NFL trade deadline is Nov. 3.

Minnesota’s Defensive Struggles

The defense has been bad so far. Perhaps it’s understandable given everything they’re confronting. In yesterday’s press conference, Mike Zimmer reflected on the defense’s struggles. One of the consistent points he came back to was his corners failing to adequately challenge receivers. While he indicated that he takes complete responsibility for the team struggling, Zimmer also suggested that his corners need to have greater focus in their coverage. Zimmer speculated that part of the issue was that perhaps they were peaking toward the backfield rather than staying tight on their man. We’ll know how much the corners improved over the bye when we face Aaron Rodgers in Week 8.

Is Cousins the Answer?

That’s the question the Vikings’ leadership is asking themselves for the remainder of the year. Can we win with Cousins?

Through six games, the answer has been a decisive no. The issue, of course, is that the team has such difficult options when it comes to replacing him. Whether it’s a cut or a trade, there will be significant dead money. There isn’t too much else that can be said at this point. The Vikings needed Cousins to elevate. Instead, he took a sizeable step backward.