Minnesota’s 2020 2-Point Conversions

The Minnesota Vikings, I recently learned, had the second-most 2-point conversion attempts this season. On average, NFL teams tried 4.2 2-point conversions on the season. The Vikings had 12 attempts (credit to Blitzology Brian for pointing this out).

Overall, Minnesota did reasonably well. Fans should take a look at the video on Blitzology.com. You’ll see the Vikings lean on Dalvin Cook early in the season to convert. After they figured things out with Justin Jefferson, though, you’ll see him become the focal point.

There are a couple notable misses. Against Seattle, Minnesota missed on a designed run for Kirk Cousins. Alexander Mattison motions out wide, and Bobby Wagner follows. The effect is to open the middle of the defense, theoretically giving Cousins the green grass he needs to run it in. It didn’t work, and Minnesota eventually lost the game by one point.

The other miss that really stands out is in the Saints game. Bisi Johnson motions in towards the line of scrimmage, thereby giving Jefferson plenty of room to run his run fade against Marshon Lattimore. Lattimore had great coverage, though, as he did all game. I know there is appeal in getting your top wideout in a true one-v-one scenario, but this is just not a great play call.

It’ll be interesting to see if Minnesota’s OC – whether it’s Gary Kubiak or someone else – will continue with the 2-point conversion trend in 2021. Some of the frequency was the byproduct of being down big, and some of it was due to poor kicking performances. Fixing the special teams and defense (which is no sure thing) will likely play a big role in how Minnesota’s OC proceeds next season.