MN Vikings News Roundup: Mini Camp Madness

I was attracted to the title because of the triple M alliteration. Alas, I have no reason to believe that the Vikings had any madness at mini camp. In fact, I think the opposite is true. From what I can gather, things went well. After the amazing Danielle Hunter news, it’d be difficult not to be encouraged about where this team is at. We thus begin with the Minnesota mini camp. From there, we discuss the finances a little more and then move on to TVG and broader purple chatter.

Minnesota Mini Camp

By all accounts, the Minnesota mini camp appeared to be a success. Things went so well that Zim cancelled the final mandatory practice. Lil’Kub explained that it was due to all the hard work: “I know it’s definitely a reward from Coach Zimmer to the players for a hard-worked offseason.”

One neat detail to emerge from mini camp is Justin Jefferson‘s determination to continually go against Patrick Peterson. It’s great to see that kind of competitiveness out of the sophomore receiver. We ought to remember that one-on-one showdowns in mini camp really favor the receiver since the defensive line can’t get any pressure. Nevertheless, it’s still good to see Jefferson fully embracing top competition.

The news also emerged that fans can be in attendance at many of the training camp practices. It’ll be a thrill for a lot of folks who are fortunate enough to attend. The main camp battle that I’m looking forward to: Breeland vs. Dantzler.

Salary Cap

Since the sizeable Kirk Cousins signing (and extension), Minnesota fans have been preoccupied with the purple finances.

For the most part, the salary cap doom and gloom has yet to arrive. Quite the opposite has been true. True, Cousins is very well-compensated, and I think that his one-year salary next year is too much ($45 million; yowza). Nevertheless, Rick Spielman & friends have done an excellent job of moving money around to keep making things work. Every year they bring in impact free agents, and this offseason has been no different. I discussed this yesterday.

I omitted to discuss Brilliant Brze in that piece yesterday, leading a Twitter user to offer a critique. Fair enough! Brilliant Brze – as my nickname for him suggests – has done excellent work. I still think the main credit needs to go to Spielman since he’s the one with the ultimate power over the roster, but criticism is justified since Brze is a crucial piece of the financial end of things in Minnesota. So with that said, I pass along my praise for Brilliant Brze and my thankfulness that he didn’t leave us for Denver.

Per Over the Cap, Minnesota still has more than $10 million. The roster work isn’t done, folks.

TVG and Purple Chatter

Cole published a really cool article about Bud Grant this week, so readers will want to check it out. He’s working his way through all of Minnesota’s Hall of Famers; keep coming back to check it out. Otherwise, there were a handful of interesting things posted on TVG. I really enjoyed our latest podcast episode; it featured Christopher Gates of Daily Norseman. There was also talk of PFF‘s praise for Jefferson, encouraging news about Darrisaw, some impressive Spielman salary cap shenanigans, and reflections on how the defense is now complete.

Daily Norseman did a mailbag and were gracious enough to include a question from yours truly. Hop over to check out their answer to my special teams concern. Vikings Wire addressed three burning questions for the Vikings. Vikings Territory discusses the Larry Fitzgerald rumors, and Purple PTSD talks about a free agent many Vikings fans still want. Finally, check out the latest episode of Vikings Report with Drew, Ted, and Toonces.

The Send Off

As per usual, I feel thankful that you’ve taken some time to read our News Roundup (and even got so far as to scroll down to the bottom!). Things are quite slow right now in the NFL, and things will get increasingly slower over these next few weeks. Be that as it may, we’ve got some good plans over here at TVG, so feel free to keep coming back.

Have a great weekend, everyone. Stay safe out there.