Next Level Breakfast Sandwiches

Scroll down to that image of the finished product at the end. Doesn’t that look like a better-than-average breakfast sandwich? One might even be inclined to label it a next level breakfast sandwich. Keep reading if you want to be able make it for yourself.

The Ingredients:

  • Two eggs
  • Meat of choice (bologna or bacon always excellent)
  • Cheese
  • Hash browns
  • Butter
  • Bun

Step 1: Get the Hash Browns Cooking

Cooking, like football, often comes down to timing.

When you’re preparing a meal, you’d often be well-served by beginning with the item that takes the longest to cook. Since we were using bologna instead of bacon, the hash browns won the Longest-to-Cook Crown.

Getting the hash browns to a crispy golden brown is the goal here, folks. Having a silpat helps. Otherwise, just a simple cookie sheet is the way to go.

Step 2: Prepare and Cook

When the hash browns have surpassed the halfway mark, it’s really time to start preparing the other items. Frying bologna takes very little culinary skill. Some cooking spray in (preferably) a cast iron pan and you’re ready to drop the bologna in the pan. Like the hash browns, you’re looking to get some nice color on the sandwich meat. Once achieved, remove and set aside.

This is also the time to prepare the cheese. My wife prefers real cheese, which necessitates a knife and some cutting. I prefer the plastic cheese (the cheese slices that can be held in a weird cow holder).

From there, you have a couple options for your eggs. You can simply crack the eggs in the frying pan and cook them in the traditional manner. This is a fine option, one that will lead to a delicious sandwich. We can do better, though.

Step 3: The Eggs

I first learned this from Kenji. Crack two eggs into a bowl. Stir with a fork as if you were making an omelette or scrambled eggs.

When the pan is really warm (but not super hot), toss in the eggs. It should firm up almost immediately without burning. Once the eggs along the bottom are mostly set, give it a flip so that the eggs are fully cooked on both sides.

Step 4: Construct Sandwich

It’s now time to put it all together. The above Kenji video will provide some video instruction for folks who are having a difficult time visualizing. Really, all you’re doing is stacking on your buns, cheese, meat, and hashbrowns. From there, you’re folding everything up so that it becomes a sandwich. Take a look at the photo below for an image of how things ought to look:

Enjoy your next level breakfast sandwich, and be sure to check out our other Gameday Goods Recipes.

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