The Vikings Gazette’s NFL Draft Coverage

A brief note here, folks, to serve as a housekeeping item about our Vikings coverage in the lead up to the NFL Draft.

Much of our focus over the past little bit has been on the NFL Draft. It’s a great event, one that fuels endless speculation and conjecture for the weeks immediately preceding it. The crazy thing is that there isn’t even any football played. All the NFL Draft has to offer is hope; fans get to hope that the new player their team just drafted is the one who is really going to make a difference. It’s a powerful draw, and the NFL knows it.

We’ve gotten in on the NFL Draft coverage by focusing on the Vikings. Here are some of the things we’ve put together over the past little while:

1) Cole has been doing a series on the biggest Vikings draft busts (which you can find here, here, here, and here). The Christian Ponder pick still stings, and I’m still disappointed that Laquon Treadwell could have been Michael Thomas.

2) I’ve joined the mock draft madness at various points. There has been a normal mock draft, a trade down mock draft, and a trade up mock draft. On Monday, TVG will have a full RD1 mock, so be sure to come back.

3) There has been discussion of players who make sense for the Vikings. There are plenty of good players in the second round, and there will be some intriguing QBs in the mid rounds. Our most recent podcast brought in The Draft Team‘s Josh Frey, and our most recent interview included some draft talk with Ali Siddiqui. We’ve also made note of who is being mocked to the Vikings at various spots across the web.

All that to say that TVG has got you covered if you’re looking for some draft coverage. Have a great Friday!