Notes from the North: Green Bay Bretl

This episode of Notes from the North is titled Green Bay Bretl because Dairyland Express writer extraordinaire Paul Bretl was our guest. As listeners will find out, Mr. Bretl was a great guest. A couple months ago, I interviewed him for a TVG article where he expressed a relatively unpopular opinion insofar as he insisted that Aaron Rodgers wasn’t holding out due to concerns about money. In the end, Mr. Bretl was proven right. He provides us with more insight about every Vikings fan’s most hated QB while also offering us his background as a writer and his NFC North power ranking.

You can find some more Green Bay Bretl on Dairyland Express. He also has a recently-launched YouTube channel, writes for, and and he’s active on Twitter.

You can find TVG’s pod at various spots, Spreaker, iTunes, YouTube, and Spotify foremost among them. Happy listening!