Notes from the North: Skol Cole’s Top 3, Pt. 1

On this episode of Notes from the North, Sam and I are joined by Cole Smith (a.k.a. Skol Cole). As you’ll hear, Cole is an expert on Vikings football, someone who is as passionate as he is knowledgeable about our friends in purple. Since it’s a bit of a slower time in the Vikings news schedule, Sam, Cole, and I took a step back to take on some fun topics. Here is what Sam has to say:

“On this week episode of Notes from the North Kyle and Sam were joined by Cole Smith, who is a writer for both The Vikings Gazette and Last Word on Sports. The guys got to hear Cole’s story during first down as they learned how he started to cheer for the Vikings. Kyle and Cole then took turns with two Top 3 lists. Second down focused on the guys Top 3 All-Time Vikings Heartbreaking Moments. To finish with third down, the guys shared their Top 3 All-Time Heartbreaking NFL Franchises (hint: you’ll probably expect #1). This is part one of a two part series, be sure to check out the second, more positive episode July 12.”

Be sure to follow Cole on Twitter and find his writing at The Vikings Gazette (check out the first two pieces in his Hall of Fame series) and Last Word on Pro Football.

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