Notes from the North: Skol Cole’s Top 3, Pt. 2

On the last episode of Notes from the North, TVG writer Cole Smith offered up some of the more negative components of being a Vikings fan. This episode focuses on some happier topics. Here is what Sam has to say:

“On this week from Notes from the North, we are continuing our Top 3 from last episode. This week we again had Cole Smith join us as we looked to some happier memories from Cole and Kyle. The guys started off first down listing their Top 3 All-Time Favourite Vikings Players. They finished off talking about their Top 3 All-Time Best Vikings Moments (although not all moments shared were specifically related to the Vikings). We want to thank Cole for coming on and joining us, and as mentioned you can find his work at The Vikings Gazette or at Last Word on Sports.”

Be sure to follow Cole on Twitter and find his writing at The Vikings Gazette (check out his Hall of Fame series; his most recent article took on all-time great center Mick Tingelhoff).

You can find TVG’s pod at various spots, Spreaker, iTunes, YouTube, and Spotify foremost among them. Happy listening!