Ode to Spielman: A Poem in Terza Rima

Some said he was nuts, not a bright thinker
While stockpiling picks on draft night,
Like a squirrel preparing for winter.

And yet Spielman summoned all his might,
Trading and trading in a way that created
A verifiably astounding draft night sight.  

For Spielman tried, nay, ol’Slick Rick traded
His way into talent that will elate
Fans far and wide, even the most jaded.

For, lo, those picks are going to create
Competition on the offensive line
And Jets will surely help our ol’friend Eight.

Far from a defense in stark decline,
The young corners’ upside is gigantic
And Zim will ensure they’ll be ready t’shine.

The crucial thing we can learn from Yannick:
Ol’Slick Rick ensures fans need not panic.