PFF Position Ranking Roundup

For those who missed it, Pro Football Focus – the authority on all things football analytics – has recently been publishing a series ranking the position groups. The Minnesota Vikings have mostly underwhelmed in these lists.

According to PFF, the Vikings offense ranks:

  • Tier 3 at QB
  • 7th at RB
  • 7th at TE
  • 21st at WR
  • 23rd at OL

PFF also ranks the defense, where the Vikings put forth similarly underwhelming rankings:

A few thoughts.

Strange times in Vikings Land when the defensive line ranks below the offensive line.

It’s surprising to see the defense ranked so low, especially with Harrison Smith, Anthony Harris, Eric Kendricks, and Danielle Hunter on the roster. Mike Zimmer will likely get more out of this group than the rankings suggest. The key rests in at least two or three young players really emerging. In fairness, the d-line is getting pretty thin, so they may need to get some outside help.

On offense, the main surprise is the receiver ranking. Losing Stefon Diggs hurts, but we still have Adam Thielen. There are also some intriguing options among their younger players. Justin Jefferson should be solid, and Alexander Hollins has the potential to be a strong complementary piece. Even if the receivers struggle, the Vikings are well-equipped to make up for this deficiency with their tight ends and running backs.

With all the young talent on the roster, the Vikings may rank considerably higher going into the 2021 season.

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5 months ago

Best you can see in the morning !

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