Purple Recap: Cousins Clutch, Darrisaw’s Debut, and Some Vikings Statistics

As many of you know by now, I’ve taken over as Managing Editor at Purple PTSD. The end result is a little less attention here at The Vikings Gazette. I’ve therefore decided to offer up a list of some of the content that went up over there for TVG‘s readers. Enjoy!

– Kirk actually led two clutch drives at Carolina

– Somehow, the Vikings have a playoff spot

– K.J. Osborn paid tribute to Stefon Diggs

– Some trade candidates to help replace Patrick Peterson

– A well-respected writer questions Minnesota’s leadership

– An assessment of Christian Darrisaw and Armon Watts

– It turns out Adam Thielen is pretty good at football

– There is a haiku competition

– Darrisaw was impressive in his first full start

– A look ahead to what the Vikings may do in the draft

– Some neat Vikings statistics after 6 games

– A way-too-early PFF mock draft

– Bleacher Report has a trade idea for the Vikes

– It’s a very small chance that Zim will be fired

– What is Minnesota’s future at QB?

Hopefully this extra Vikings reading serves you well. Have a great day, Vikings fans.