Purple Recap: Spielman’s Future, Prime Time Kirk, and Zim’s Irony

As many of you know, I spend most of my energy these days on Purple PTSD. The end result is a little less time over here at TVG. Every so often, I check in here to promote some of the content that went up over there. Here is a brief refresher of some of the recent content.

Moving on From Rick Spielman Would Be a Mistake
Ryan Ficken Has Done a Ficken Good Job As Vikings Special Teams Coach
Firing Zimmer Could Lead to One Distinct Disadvantage
Prime Time Kirk Will Dominate The Headlines For Rest of 2021
Death, Taxes, And a Poor Vikings OL
Scattered Thoughts After Scouting Chicago’s Last Game
Mike Zimmer and The Irony of Minnesota’s Struggles

Enjoy the extra reading, Vikings fans. Feel free to head over to Purple PTSD to check out everything that is going on over there. Moreover, feel free to check out Notes from the North, Sam and I’s Vikings podcast.