Report: Danielle Hunter Will be at Mandatory Mini Camp; Purple Rejoicing Ensues

Mandatory mini camp begins tomorrow and the reports are that Danielle Hunter will be in attendance. I don’t have to tell you that this is massive news.

There has been a growing amount of consternation over here in TVG Land as we’ve awaited further news about Hunter. Last week, we wrote about the rumors, suggesting that he is “arguably their most important player” and that “Zim and Spielman, at least from the outside looking in, appear to be on the hot seat. They don’t need a distraction heading into training camp.” It appears as though we’re going to avoid this major distraction.

On the recent episode of Notes from the North, Christopher Gates of Daily Norseman discusses the Hunter situation. We recorded last week and didn’t have the news that just emerged a few minutes ago. Regardless, the main takeaway from all parties is that Hunter is among Minnesota’s most important players, so getting him back on the field of the utmost importance.

The guess here is that this is a good faith move from Danielle Hunter, one that likely precedes a re-worked contract. Expect the Vikings to give him more guaranteed money as they seek to retain their star edge rusher for the foreseeable future.