Will the Vikings Actually Make a Move for Russell Wilson? Don’t Count On It.

We’re in one of the slowest parts of the NFL offseason. Free agency is still a month away, and the draft is even further down the road. There is no news from OTAs, training camp, and preseason because those things are all well into the future. Does this mean the NFL content comes to a screeching halt? By no means. As long as there is a demand, there will be a supply. The masses demand football content, and content creators are happy to oblige. One of the most recent points of discussion has been the trade rumors around Russell Wilson.

Would the Vikings actually make a move for Seattle’s star QB? Don’t count on it. True, Wilson would be a sizable upgrade, one who would immediately bring the Vikings into the next-tier of NFL legitimacy. Be that as it may, there are far too many roadblocks.

The Russell Wilson Trade Rumors

How did these rumors get started anyway? Glad you asked.

There does seem to be some friction between Wilson and Seattle (the team, not the city; I’m in no position to speak on behalf of the citizens of the city, but perhaps Frasier and Niles could weigh-in). PFT reported about this unhappiness, suggesting, “If Wilson isn’t happy with the Seahawks, and the Seahawks aren’t happy with Wilson, a trade would make a lot of sense.”

Part of the reasons why the Seahawks are unhappy rests in Wilson’s earlier comments about his status with the team. Wilson refused to squash rumors about a potential trade: “Any time you’re a player that tries to produce every week and has done it consistently, I think people are gonna call for sure. I think that’s part of the process.” He also admitted he’s “frustrated at getting hit too much,” a position he elaborated on in some detail: “I think that the reality is is that I’ve definitely been hit, been sacked, I don’t know, almost 400 times. And so we’ve got to get better. I’ve got to find ways to get better, too. And so just continue to try to find that.”

Couple these comments with his reported desire for some say in the team’s personnel decisions and it’s easy to see why the Russell Wilson trade rumors are running rampant across the internet. Any chance Slick Rick actually makes a move?

Wilson May Get Traded, But it Won’t be to Minnesota

First, let me start by saying I’d be thrilled if I was wrong. After Patrick Mahomes, Wilson is the best QB in the NFL. He has an it-factor that commonly eludes Captain Kirk (though our Best Buy/Sleep Number promoting QB is improving).

That being said, it isn’t happening, and no amount of Twitter cajoling is likely to change that reality. Let’s begin with the almighty dollar.

Over the Cap, the internet’s best place for NFL salary cap info, suggests that a pre-June 1 Cousins trade would lead to a 20 million cap charge (though that number could be cut in half with a post-June 1 designation). In either scenario, the Vikings are carrying a lot of Kirk money at a time when the money isn’t exactly plentiful. The 33-year-old Wilson comes with a pretty reasonable cap hit, but the Kirk finances make things tricky.

That being said, perhaps the greatest hindrance is the cost for the trade. If Matthew Stafford can get two firsts, what does Wilson get? Look, I know a lot of that compensation was about LA moving on from Jared Goff. Even still, nothing exists in isolation in the NFL. That deal inevitably impacts how the Seahawks view any deal they would make for Wilson.

The Vikings aren’t shy about making big trades. One of the reasons I still support Slick Rick is because the dude is really aggressive with adding talent. I love that about him. The issue, then, isn’t whether Spielman has the desire/capacity to make a big move but, rather, who will be the target of such a move.


Don’t hold your breath here, people. The Russell Wilson trade rumors might make for interesting discussion at the office water cooler during a slow time in the NFL, but Minnesota is unlikely to get in on the fun. Mike Zimmer recently endorsed Cousins as Minnesota’s leader, and Lil’Kub echoed those words in his first press conference as OC. For better or worse, the Vikings are married to Cousins. They’re going to devote their resources toward building the team around him.