The Early Word Suggests The Vikings Rookies are Adjusting Well

Over the weekend, the Minnesota Vikings got started with their offseason program, meaning the rookies have started to put in work.

Mike Zimmer had a press conference, and he was quick to laud many of Minnesota’s picks. Minnesota’s first pick, Christian Darrisaw, received praise for both his physical attributes and ability to pick up on what they’ve been teaching him: “Christian’s a very good athlete, really good feet, good size. So far he’s done a really nice job with the technique of things; so it’s so far, so good.” It was also encouraging to hear the praise for Davis: “Wyatt’s got terrific size, he’s got good movement, seems to be catching on really well with footwork and the things that we’re doing.”

Kellen Mond is a talented QB, and there’s a reason why Minnesota chose him with their second pick. Zim did note, though, that he has plenty to learn from Cousins: “But the things he can learn from Kirk [Cousins] are the way that he handles the games, the way that he goes about his business in the classroom and on the field, how to work.”

I’ve been really excited about Jaylen Twymen, and Zim seems to have some high hopes as well: “The three-technique position, we’re looking for guys that have the twitch and acceleration. One of the things we tried to do when I had Geno Atkins and some of those guys who are a little bit smaller size guys is that we look for nickel pass rushers and they kind of grow into the spot. We’re hoping he can do that.” If Twymen can get anywhere close to Atkins, then the pick will be a massive success. There’s no doubt that Twymen has potential, so we’ll see if he can develop into an impact player on the field.

Toward the end, Zim was asked about the decision to trade Hughes and how much his health factored in. Minnesota’s HC noted that the depth gave them the chance to make the trade and that his injuries did impact things.

Camryn Bynum, a college corner who is being asked to convert to safety, was described as “brilliant.” When Blitzology Brian came onto Notes from the North, I asked him about corners converting to safety. He specifically noted that there are different types of intelligence on the field, and the smarts you need to succeed at corner are different from the smarts you need to succeed at safety. A safety needs to be able to communicate with the entire defense in a manner that corners don’t. So far, Bynum is showing he has the intelligence safeties need.

Obviously, not every every one of the Vikings rookies will find success in the NFL. Even still, it’s always encouraging to read some good news, even if it’s just the initial practices. A draft class that mirrors last season’s will go a long way in ensuring our Vikings can not only get back into the playoffs, but perhaps even compete.