The Purple PTSD Recap: A More Imaginative Offense, Penalties Galore, and Cam Bynum’s Emergence

As many of you know, I’ve been putting almost all of my attention into Purple PTSD. Unfortunately, that means less attention is being spent over here. One way I’ve tried to offer a little bit to TVG is by doing these recaps. Hopefully it offers some good reading.

– Josh Frey offered his first NFL Draft big board
– Vikings fans are torn between a hopeful and discouraging future
– Greg Joseph has been doing well
– There has been a lot of money spent on Kirk; there haven’t been a ton of wins
– Perhaps Mason Cole can be a RG
– The Power Rankings are getting shuffled
– Some speculation of whether the offense has taken the next step
– Some speculation that the offense maybe hasn’t taken the next step
– Zim and Deion appear to still be close friends
– In fairness, Zim has had to deal with a lot
– Erin Henderson is offering some analysis at Purple PTSD
– The penalties have been abundant
– Tyler Conklin was huge in the Chargers win
– Cam Bynum is looking like a steal in the draft
– Slowing down GB’s offense will be difficult
– The offense needs to be explosive, dynamic, and imaginative

Enjoy the reading, Vikings fan.