The Latest on TVG’s Purple Partners

As I’ve reflected back on these initial six months of running The Vikings Gazette, one of the main sources of joy has come from the connections I’ve made with other folks who cover the Vikings. I’ve been fortunate to establish relationships with several people, so I thought it best to take a moment to promo some excellent work.

I should begin with Vikings Territory and Purple PTSD. Joe Johnson’s sites have some really awesome coverage of our squad, and I’ve been fortunate to play a small part in what they’re doing. Readers would be well-served by checking out these sites.

Readers should take some time to check out Purple Pain Forums. They have a loyal, passionate group of Vikings fans. The conversations are lively and engaging. If you’re into forums, Purple Pain is the spot for you.

If you’re looking for podcasts or video content, you should consider Bless The Knees, Odin’s Den, and Vikings Report with Drew and Ted. I think it’s safe to say that all three provide their own unique style and approach. They all bring lots of energy. Give them a shot.

Finally, shout out to The Vikings Brawl. AMarie leads The Brawl Network’s Vikings section, and she does a great job. Her podcast with Erin Henderson is really great. I also have the good fortune of writing for them, so be sure to check out their written work.

Reader, you are appreciated. Skol.