Tuesday Reflections: Some Post-Patrick-Peterson-Injury Trade Ideas

It’s tough being a Vikings fan. We’re on a 2-game win streak (if we can call 2 games a streak). The wins were closer than they should have been, but we still got back to a .500 record. It therefore looked like we were heading into the bye with some momentum. Unfortunately, the news about the Patrick Peterson injury and subsequent placement on the IR takes the wind out of our sails. We begin with some corners who may help. We then turn to how K.J. Osborn paid tribute to Diggs and then the post-bye schedule.

Corner Trade Options

At Purple PTSD, I took a look at some potential trade candidates to help fill-in for Patrick Peterson. Kyle Fuller, Desmond King II, and J.C. Jackson were the names I came up with. Here is how I concluded things:

Folks, there’s a reason why Rick Spielman has the nickname Slick Rick. The dude isn’t shy about pulling off a trade or two. With merely $3.483 million to work with, Spielman will need to be creative. Right or wrong, the Vikings believe they have a shot at the Super Bowl this season. They are therefore going all-in, spending money and leaning on their vets as they finally try to breakthrough. The injury to Peterson makes life difficult for that Vikings defense, so it won’t be surprising to see them pull off a trade for a corner who can help them in the short term.

It’s unlikely Minnesota will get too adventurous at the trade deadline. That said, a trade is certainly possible. We are all-in on the season. If they don’t have confidence in Dantzler, perhaps they’ll make a move.

Osborn’s Diggs Tribute

It turns out that K.J. Osborn’s helmet toss was a planned event. Here is what he had to say to PFT:

“Me and [Stefon] Diggs are good friends. We train together in the offseason. When I came to Minnesota, I watched that a bunch of times. Just being a ball player, you know having fun. If I score, I’m gonna walk this thing, I’m gonna toss my helmet. I was able to get in there, so I just went on with it. That’s definitely — he inspired me by that a little bit, so I got to talk to him.”

I talked about this a little in another Purple PTSD piece: “Osborn is arguably our best WR3 in five + years. He has 311 receiving yards for the year. That’s on a run-first team that features Adam Thielen and Justin Jefferson as the top two receiving options. In other words, Osborn has been very productive, given his role. He has very rightly gotten praise throughout the year, and he’ll need to continue showing that he’s a strong WR3 as we move forward.”

We need our Jefferson-Thielen-Osborn trio to be top-notch moving forward. If they are, the offense will be a competent OL away from being very, very difficult to slow down.

The Post-Bye Schedule

Following our bye week, we’ve got games against Dallas, Baltimore, LA Chargers, and Peckers. It’s a daunting lineup of teams.

Apparently, Dalvin Cook is feeling confident: “That’s the thing when you look at it, everybody is going to say ‘What about the other teams?’ Well, what about the Vikings? That’s how we look at it. What about the Vikings? They’ve got to look at us, too. We’re a good team, too. Not to pull on our coattails or anything, but that’s how we look at it.”

That’s a fine perspective to have. These teams will play us tough, but we’re going to play them tough. It’s worth remembering that we very reasonably should have beaten the undefeated Cardinals. It’s not like we’ve gotten blown out by the good teams we’ve played. Ideally, we’ll figure things out over the bye.

Going even 2-2 over these next four games will make it difficult to make the playoffs.

The Send Off

I don’t know if the Vikings will pursue a trade following the Patrick Peterson injury. I suppose a lot depends on what they think of Cameron Dantzler. Alas, we’ll need to wait and see.

Enjoy the bye week, folks. I know there isn’t any Vikings football, but perhaps that’s a good thing. It has been a stressful season so far.