TVG Regular Season Content

The regular season is here, so we thought it best to offer a few words about what you can expect for TVG regular season content. As we noted in our TVG Roadmap, we’ll offer three kinds of content every week: a poem, an Unsung Hero article, and our Three Keys article. We’ll also offer monthly content: a Featured Article and Gameday Goods recipe.

Weekly Content

Our poems will either be a Loss Lament of Victory Verse. These poems will be published shortly after the game. If you’re both a poetry fan and Minnesota Vikings fans, then the Purple Poetry section of the site is the one for you. Take a look at Purple Pain, Purple Hope and Ode to Spielman for some examples of what you can expect.

Our Unsung Hero series will focus in on a Viking who stood out for Minnesota, regardless of the outcome. Generally speaking, we’ll try to focus on lesser-known players instead of big time stars like Danielle Hunter, Kirk Cousins, or Dalvin Cook. Perhaps Dan Chisena is a monster on special teams, or maybe Oli Udoh has to step in for an injury. This is the kind of content we’ll be focusing on for the Unsung Hero.

Finally, we’ll be offering a weekly Three Keys article. In this series, we’ll offer a few reflections on critical match ups in the upcoming game. Expect this article on the Saturday before the game (unless, of course, the game isn’t being played on Sunday).

Monthly Content

You can expect September’s Featured Article and Gameday Goods recipe by the end of this week. For some examples, take a look at our initial article about Dalvin Cook and our Slow Cooker Ribs recipe. We’ll offer the Featured Article during the opening week of every new month. The recipe will be published on the Friday before a new month’s opening game.

The Send-Off

Do you have ideas for what kind of content you’d like to see? We’re all ears. Let us know in the comments, send us an email, or perhaps send a carrier pigeon. Just get in touch, folks, and we’d be happy to consider the ideas you have.

Hope everyone’s week is off to a great start, and stick around if you’re interested in TVG regular season content.