Vikings, Cook Negotiating Contract

According to Pro Football Talk, the Minnesota Vikings and Dalvin Cook are still negotiating a contract extension. Previously, it was reported that the Vikings and Cook ended their contract negotiations.

No one can debate Cook’s ability or importance to the Minnesota offense. The issue, of course, rests in the widespread devaluing of the running back position. Moreover, Cook has struggled with injuries, a factor that contributes to Minnesota’s unwillingness to meet his number. Mike Florio explains, “The Vikings have calculated their number based on the position Cook plays, and they’re sticking to it. Cook wants more than that.”

Florio goes on to provide some helpful insights about the franchise tag for running backs, so interested readers should take a look. They could tag Cook next season for less than $10 million.

We’ve previously speculated about a sensible balance between both sides. The fact that the Vikings and Cook are still negotiating a contract suggests both sides believe a compromise can be reached. Part of the complexity surrounding these negotiations rests in the uncertainty surrounding the salary cap next season.

Over the past few seasons, there have been several running back holdouts. For the most part, these holdouts haven’t turned out well. The Vikings and their fans should be excited that Cook is choosing to play even though he is very, very underpaid.

A few other notes. Mike Zimmer clarified today that the Vikings will not play Sunday’s game with only two safeties. The likeliest scenario still seems to be a practice squad promotion or a corner doing double-duty. Zimmer also explained that they have different coverage packages, so several corners will be playing.

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