Vikings Fantasy Football Team Names

By this point in time, you’ve likely completed your fantasy football draft(s). Hopefully our ADP player advice was of some assistance. While draft day is the most important component of a successful fantasy season, one mustn’t overlook the importance of a great team name. We offer ten Vikings fantasy football team names to set you up for success.

First, a few ground rules. Generally speaking, it’s best to reserve clever names for players who are actually on your own team. Player puns are almost always welcome, but make the effort to ensure you’re applying your wit to players on your roster. Most importantly, don’t stick with a bland team name. Fantasy football is supposed to be fun. Have a fun team name.

Ten Vikings Fantasy Football Team Names

  1. Zimmer’s Angels: This one is for you if you’ve got the Minnesota defense.
  2. Rudolph The Redzone Reindeer: A classic that will come up across fantasy sites. Will be especially applicable in Week 16 when Kyle Rudolph helps the Vikings beat the Saints on Christmas.
  3. Dalvin and the Chipmunks: If you have the good fortune of drafting Dalvin Cook, then you may be interested in this commonly-used yet still charming team name. Just be sure to handcuff Cook with Alexander Mattison.
  4. Hooked on a Thielen: A classic team name for a seasoned vet who is looking for a bounce back season.
  5. Johnson, Reporting for TD: If you’re in a deeper league, Bisi Johnson may be an option. He’s currently the #2 option of the Vikings’ depth chart.
  6. Bailey From a Shoe: For those of you who (inexplicably) have enough confidence in a Vikings kicker to actually have him on your roster.
  7. Sharpe Objects: Shout out to a TV show we’ve never seen and a player we’re not fully confident in.
  8. Abdullah Oblongata: Fans of Adam Sandler movies and Ameer Abdullah may be particularly attracted to this option.
  9. The Jeffersons: An option especially if you have both Justin Jefferson and Van Jefferson on your team.
  10. Captain Kirk: An appropriately nerdy reference for perhaps the nerdiest player in the NFL.

There you have it, folks. Ten options for Vikings fantasy football team names. Think you can do better? Let us hear about it!

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