Vikings Move One Step Closer to a Goff-Dalton-Love NFC North

When you ask folks who they think will win the NFC North, they’ll usually indicate that we first need to see what Aaron “Voldemort” Rodgers decides. At TVG, we received these precise responses when we interviewed a writer for the Bears, Lions, and Packers. While I think the Vikings have a legit shot at the NFC North title regardless of what happens with Green Bay’s disgruntled franchise QB, I can nevertheless agree with what essentially everyone else is saying. Rodgers is a supremely talented player, one who can almost single-handedly propel a team into the top of a division.

Now, I’ve been among the folks who think all the rumors of Rodgers moving on are overblown. We all know he loves to be in the headlines. In my mind, he’s mostly just been riding out the increased media attention. He’ll soon show up and go on being Green Bay’s QB. That being said, the Rodgers conspiracy theorists in the crowd got some news today that supports the belief he’ll no longer be a Packer:

When I spoke with Mr. Bretl of Dairyland Express, he explained that the issue for Rodgers wasn’t primarily about money: “Money isn’t the driving force behind any of this, but it can solve the issue. With new money and added years infused into Rodgers’ contract, it will take away Green Bay’s ability to move on from him—simply put, the dead cap hits will be too large. What exactly this extension would look like, I’m not sure, but it will show that Green Bay is committed to Rodgers for the foreseeable future.” Gotta give a tip of the cap to Mr. Bretl here.

If Rodgers does end up moving on from the NFC North, the Vikings find themselves in a dream scenario. Can you imagine a giddy Mike Zimmer in the defensive meeting room planning for Jared Goff, Andy Dalton, and Jordan Love? I certainly can. It’s a world I want to live in, folks.

Perhaps Jordan Love will become an excellent NFL QB. Maybe Andy Dalton thrives in Chicago; after all, the Bears still have a strong roster (we also shouldn’t forget about Justin Fields). I really can’t offer the same optimism for Jared Goff, but 2/3 ain’t bad (as a great philosopher once said). Even still, the Vikings would be the NFC North favorites if Rodgers follows-through on his refusal to play for the Packers.

It would be a dream scenario if he ends up going to the AFC, but don’t count on it, folks. I still expect Rodgers to be taking snaps for the Packers in Week 1.