Vikings Practice Squad and Captains

The Minnesota Vikings have their team captains and practice squad.

True to his word, Mike Zimmer made Dalvin Cook a captain. Alongside Cook is Kyle Rudolph, Kirk Cousins, Riley Reiff, Anthony Barr, and Harrison Smith.

No big surprises in this list. All of these players are among Minnesota’s best, and all are veteran players. Reiff, who recently took a pay cut, wasn’t a lock to be on the roster. He’ll now be leading an o-line that is looking to improve in their second year in Gary Kubiak’s system. Perhaps the most surprising detail from the list is that Smith has never been a team captain before.

In other news, the Vikings have filled their practice squad. They made the expected moves by signing Hardy Nickerson Jr. and Chase McLaughlin. The sixteenth spot went to DT Albert Huggins. DT is among their weakest positions, so it makes sense that they chose to add a young tackle.

Otherwise, perhaps the biggest news is what hasn’t happened. We are a few days away from the Green Bay game and the Vikings still only have two safeties on the roster. There has been a lot of concern among Vikings fans and writers about this situation.

The Vikings, quite evidently, don’t share this concern. It’s important to remember that the adjusted practice squad rules make it easy for the Vikings to promote a safety leading up to the game. If they decide against adding a free agent, the Vikings will either promote someone from the practice squad or rely on a corner to do double-duty.

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