Vikings Sign George Iloka

The Vikings have decided to sign George Iloka, as Chris Tomasson reported earlier this week. There has been plenty of speculation about the Vikings adding to their non-existent safety depth.

Adding Iloka doesn’t necessarily eliminate the possibility of Minnesota continuing to look for safety depth. Quality options are still available in free agency. Nevertheless, the Vikings seem content to proceed with three safeties on their roster. As it stands, though, Iloka is on the practice squad.

It’s worth remembering that it’s been a few years since Iloka has been a difference-maker on defense. When he was with the Vikings in 2018, Iloka failed to really impact the defense. Pro Football Focus still indicates that Iloka had a relatively strong 2018 season, especially in run defense. His ratings from the years immediately preceding 2018 were similarly solid, albeit unspectacular. Of course, 2018 is an eternity ago in NFL time.

By choosing to sign George Iloka, the Vikings eliminate an area of uncertainty on their roster. This is a positive step, but the team has far more pressing concerns than simply improving their safety depth. The hope, of course, is that the Vikings never fully need Iloka. It is reassuring, though, that they now have an option who has at least proven capable of contributing at an NFL level.

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