“We Don’t Want to be Rigid:” Some Key Takeaways from Lil’Kub’s First Press Conference as OC

Vikings fandom is somewhat divided on whether Klint Kubiak will succeed. I’d be lying if I said I had the answer. Like the rest of the fanbase, I’ll need to wait and see.

That being said, I’m optimistic. The Elder Kubiak’s scheme is one that fits Minnesota’s roster. The only real issue was that it often felt a step behind the current NFL. The 33-year-old Lil’Kub will hopefully make a difference here. In his first press conference as OC, Lil’ Kub provided some interesting insight.

Throughout his press conference, Lil’Kub acknowledged his debt to his father. He described the learning process as being akin to “osmosis.” When pushed on some of the challenges of being the coach’s kid, Lil’Kub handled himself with aplomb. He acknowledged the “blessing and the curse” that comes from being Gary Kubiak‘s son, but he was quick to point out that it was mostly beneficial.

Perhaps the most encouraging component of the press conference rested in his brief words about getting the most out of the offense. He recognizes that teams “can’t defend” all of Minnesota’s offensive talent. He is exactly right. Teams must pick and choose what they’re going to shut down when they play Minnesota. There simply aren’t very many teams who have the personnel to slow down Dalvin Cook, Justin Jefferson, Adam Thielen, and Irv Smith Jr. The onus falls on the OC to figure out how to respond to what the defense is doing.

Lil’Kub understands this reality. He acknowledged that “we don’t want to be rigid” as he spoke about cultivating a strong, explosive offense. He wants to be “less predictable,” expressing his openness to “growth” while acknowledging the need to evolve. Lil’Kub went on to articulate his desire to “utilize the talents of everybody.” That’s exactly what fans want to hear.

As he said at the end, “we’re not going to go anywhere standing still.” Well said, Lil’Kub. For the Minnesota Vikings to find success, Klint Kubiak is going to need to find a way to elevate the offense. Upward and onward.